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Why Do I Need 

Trinity Home Watch?

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There are a number of reasons why it's important to have someone oversee your property in your absence.  

First and foremost is the benefit of having someone that can spot an issue and respond appropriately in your absence.  If you do have a situation that requires a handyman or contractor, you will have a local point of contact who can schedule and meet with them on your behalf.

Many condominium associations and townhome communities have restrictions against leaving a unit unchecked for a period of time, especially for upstairs units.

Some insurance policies have clauses that limit the coverage for hazard or vandalism claims when the property has been unoccupied, or have a higher deductible.  (Not all policies are the same - contact your agent for more information.)

Your peace of mind is invaluable.  Contact us today.


 Condominiums and Townhomes inspections include:                                                                      

  • Check doors, windows and screens to confirm they are properly secured and that there are no signs of attempted break-ins.

  • Visual inspection for signs of rodent or insect infestations.

  • Check water heater.

  • Check A/C to ensure that it is running. Look for signs of leaks or backed up lines.  Record inside temperature.

  • Inspect for leaks at each water source: i.e., under sinks, behind toilets, water heater, washer, etc.

  • Run water in each bathroom sink and ensure toilets flush properly.

  • Run water in kitchen sink and operate disposal.

  • Ensure there are no tripped breakers on the electrical panel.

  • Remove flyers or door hangers from entry.  

Single Family Homes inspections include all of the above, plus:

  • Check home exterior and landscaping. Look for signs of irrigation or pest control issues.

  • Operate garage door opener.

Each visit is confirmed via GPS technology.  An inspection report is sent to the property owner immediately following the visit. Each property owner is also assigned an individual, secure portal to allow access to inspection reports, schedule visits, and view payment information 24/7.  View this short video to learn more:  

We offer single inspection pricing or blocks of inspections for extended stays.  Blocks of inspections qualify for a discounted rate.  Property owners who purchase a block of inspections receive Preferred Client status, which includes priority for scheduling of storm prep or other add-on services.